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This database is designed to assist local real estate agents in assessing comparable sales and appraisals for listing purposes. Access to this area is strictly limited to those real estate agents registered with Yarra Valley Valuations.


For more information about this website and the conditions of membership please contact Steve Noonan at Yarra Valley Valuations on (03) 5961 9176

Current Issues:

Did you know that every home over 2 ha, if purchased after Sept 1985, is subject to Capital Gains Tax. The incorrect calculation of property values can cost your clients many thousands of dollars. Demonstrate your knowledge and recommend your clients, whether buying or selling, seek financial advice on this issue. If you need a valuation completed please contact us.


Before You Sell valuations can make your client feel a lot more comfortable when deciding whether to accept or reject an offer. We often do Before You Buy Valuations for people looking to buy into this area, if you have clients that you think would benefit from independent advice, please get them to contact us.


Insurance Valuations – Ask us how you can add value to the services you offer with a floor plan and an insurance valuation. Insurance valuations are very topical and many people are underinsured. Recent seasons and weather events have left a devastating mark on some communities and their ability to recover is largely dependant on levels of insurance. Contact Steve Noonan on 5968 2175 or by email at