Over 40 years of valuation experience

Valuations Services…

Insurance Valuations –

Today’s changing climate has meant that many of us are wondering – Are we insured well enough? Particularly in this area where the threat of damage from bushfire and wind is very real. Many parts were hit hard in the February 09 bushfires and many properties are again vulnerable as the seasons roll around. Have peace of mind, we will assess the replacement value of the fixed buildings and fixtures on your property, take a number of pictures to preserve the evidence of those assets and record your insurance company and policy number. This ensures that if needed we have the records and can provide them to you when you most need.

Mortgage Valuations –

Completed for most major banks and credit providers.

Property Settlements

For expert advice as to what your property is worth for property settlement purposes after relationship breakdown. Our staff are trained to be sensitive to the needs of our clients. Solicitors should contact us directly. We can also act as an expert witness to the Family Court on the behalf of both parties.

Capital Gains Tax –

Do you have a property that is over 2ha in area or is used for a commercial or business purpose? Then when you sell you may need to declare your gain or loss to the tax department.


We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in capital gains tax liabilities by properly preparing and assessing the cost base and gain/loss during the ownership period of a rural lifestyle property. Click here to see a sample report.

Before you Buy

Be armed with the knowledge you need to make a prudent investment – don’t pay too much, don’t miss out!

Before You Sell –

Be prepared before you engage your real estate agent. Know what the market is doing and what a professional valuer thinks your property is worth. Engage your real estate agent on the basis of what they can do for you not what price they pitch to you. Ease the confusion of many different opinions with one that is completely independent.

GST Valuations –

We can look after your GST requirements and margin scheme valuations if you are a developer.

Other Services…

Floor Plans –

Our team can come to your property and draw up a floor plan suitable for marketing purposes – you may want to have it drawn for sale, rental, or other commercial purposes. Contact us today to discuss your needs.